We love what we do and we do it with passion.

We’re a start-up design agency and we offer visual communication solutions based on true research…

– The KIGO Team

With the philosophy that any good business should add value to the community, we established an agency like no other. We decided to share our skills and expertise to help all of those great little business that started with great ideas to have the chance to be seen alongside their big rivals. Our agency has been designed to be able to provide creative long-term solutions that are cost effective and adaptable. Too many Irish business packed with potential are failing even though there are hardworking and ambitious individuals behind them. We are determined to find those institutions and give them the support they need to flourish. Become part of our team where we’ll go to the heart of your business to study, analyse and create customized strategies to bring you one step closer to where you want to be.

Business Strategy

Procure sustainable long term growth. This is the core and fundamental plan which all further decisions will derive. We assess your business to build a plan that takes advantage of skills available and the business assets.

Branding & Marketing

This is how the characteristics of your business are set out and executed. Branding guidelines impacts the decisions you make for your current business and outlines the steps for expanding, all of which is based on your target audience.

Social Engagement

Social recognition is a powerful determination of your relevancy and quality. Being social is about contributing to the community not advertising. Your customers are social and so too should your business.

 The KIGO Process

Our services include: Assesment-Analysis-Consultation-Development-Metrics-Brand Development-Advertising-Visual Communication-Art Direction-Brand Positioning-Photography-Community Management-Business Affiliations-Loyalty Programs-Customer Feedback-Promotions, among others.